Boar – Poseidon

 Doom has long been a style that’s been really hard to correctly pull off even though there are so many different forms of it that you could listen to it all for a solid day and you’ll still only have an idea of all the different perspectives. Infusing doom with stoner elements is far from uncommon as there is always an absolute treasure trove’s worth of acts taking a stab at it, but it’s not often enough bands succeed with a grand display of power. Boar created some echoes a few years ago with their last piece, but it’s their upcoming slab that knows how to deliver and satisfy.

Typically, I’m drawn in by an attractive cover art because then it gives me a visual representation of an idea of what the band is bringing to the table with their album before I even hear a single note. Boar went for a very simplistic art with “Poseidon”, but it’s just as potent for this piece as an extravagant painting that is visually orgasmic. This record is just the type of doom to really kick to as the crunchy riffs take you over in waves with the heaviness coming in droves, the vocals being no less than fucking delicious as they’re a damn perfect fit for all of “Poseidon”, and the diverse yet similar tone that Boar pulls off here is simply applause-worthy as they manage to stick to a sound but making it just different enough so it’s not the same fucking thing over and over. The beauty that I find more than anything else with “Poseidon” is how Boar incorporates a mild sense of psychedelia and thus enhancing the stoner elements much more, and really highlighting the fuzz of the guitars and the smooth trip that these six tracks illicit. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but Boar’s stellar riffage and fuzzy performance enhance the overall joy that is “Poseidon” even more so.

It’s not often that you can judge a band’s quality by an album’s first track and not be unreasonable, and that applies to Boar purely because the first track is plenty of what you can come to expect from the whole of “Poseidon”, but it’s all delicious. This new record shows that this band truly has a firm grasp upon what it means to be a delightful stoner doom act, and now they’ve only to show it to the right people so their name spreads like it rightfully should.

“Poseidon” releases on June 1st via Lost Pilgrim Records!

LISTEN to previous material from Boar on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Boar on Facebook here.


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