Down Among the Dead Men – …And You Will Obey Me

 As I’ve gone throughout the last few years doing these reviews, it’s become apparent that there are simply some musicians that just refuse to stay quiet for any amount of time as they’re always working on new material of some sort. Lately, it’s been the two legendary men of Rogga Johansson (Paganizer) and David Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower, Echelon) that have been the center of my attention in one form or another, and once again the two have combined forces with their death metal act of Down Among the Dead Men for their third full-length, and it’s everything you should expect from these two masters of death metal.

Trying to prepare yourself for any sort of death metal is a mostly folly effort as I feel it’s best to just go in knowing your skin is going to fucking melt from the intensity, but knowing who’s behind it all really builds up some hype. Having the backing power of a former Bolt Thrower member and two different members of Paganizer truly puts a specific image in your head: no less than ultimate brutality that’s guided in such a way that it’s all but tantalizing. For their third outing of “…And You Will Obey Me”, Down Among the Dead Men truly go balls to the wall with these ten tracks as no stone is left unturned with this act providing both a vicious presentation of guided destruction as well as incredibly satisfying to the very end. Death metal is rarely brimming with riffs in my experience all day every day in my experience, but Down Among the Dead Men makes a great argument for it here. These guys troop along from one track to the next as each new slab is like drilling a pickaxe into your cerebrum at terminal velocity over and over again, but it’s all so fucking satisfying that it’s hard to stop listening to “…And You Will Obey Me” when you start to immerse yourself in the swirling vortex.

I’m not sure why Down Among the Dead Men hasn’t garnered a bigger reputation for itself because I’ve no doubt that their previous efforts are no less than stellar, but I’ve only just recently heard of this act. If there was ever a single album that has the potential to fix that it’s definitely “…And You Will Obey Me”. From its hypnotizing riffs to the unrelenting mentality that will permeate your very soul before the end, this slab is nothing that should be passed up for even a second.

“…And You Will Obey Me” releases on June 15th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “…And You Will Obey Me” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dead Among the Dead Men on Facebook here.


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