Lik – Carnage

 Sometimes, it’s the simplest of styles that can bring a smile to your face. Death metal can be perfect even if you’re completely unoriginal and stick to a formula as it’s almost all in the execution. Bands have been pulling off straight up death metal with no innovation to their sound for decades, but it’s always nice to hear new takes on the same sound even if at the core of it all, it’s all still the same thing. When it came to Lik’s upcoming killer of a record, I got a record that is pretty much everything death metal is legendary for, and that alone makes this piece absolutely delicious.

From such a soul-devouring cover art the likes of which “Carnage” sports, it’s not hard to tell that Lik is the sort of band that doesn’t fuck around for even a second. Their entire approach is brutal, unrelenting, and the exact kind of shit that isn’t to leave any chance of survival for anything unfortunate enough to get caught in the band’s path. And even though this is but their sophomore full-length, Lik manages to deliver and impress with “Carnage” in ways some bands can only dream of doing. Each gory slab that Lik throws down with this album shows off excellence one time after another. Sometimes we get songs like “Celebration of the Twisted” that know exactly how to sink their blood-drenched hooks into you with seductive melody, other pieces like “Cannibalistic Infancy” that’s solely meant to peel away your soul one layer at a time, and other slabs like “Only Death is Left Alive” is crafted to simply demolish everything in sight as your blood becomes a mist and your bones a fine white powder. It’s all executed with such precision and such scrumptious excellence that it’s almost all but impossible to not get dragged into the delightfully sadistic dungeon that Lik has carefully constructed with “Carnage”.

It’s not often that some straight-forward death metal can really grasp my attention so viciously, but that’s exactly what Lik has done here with this album. It’s a true tour-de-force of what it means to make a delicious death metal record, and “Carnage” is a fantastic piece to satiate your need for blood and death from it’s fiery start to cataclysmic ending.

“Carnage” releases on May 4th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Carnage” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Carnage” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Lik on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Lik on Twitter: @lik_official


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