Taphos – Come Ethereal Somberness

 Lately, I’ve had an itch for really crunchy, undeniably powerful death metal. That’s far from a rarity in the vastness that is the underground, but it was difficult to find a record that really satisfied that itch that was all but infecting my entire being. It’s been a little while since I found a delicious enough record, but now I’ve luckily come across another in the form of Taphos’ upcoming record, and it’s just about everything I’ve been looking for.

With such a dark and foreboding cover art like that, it’s hard not to become curious as for the what the album has in store. Taphos is not any sort of pushover band as they’ve been demolishing all in their path for two years, but their lack of experience poses no issue whatsoever to the overall sound and execution of this debut record straight from the abyss. In its entirety, “Come Ethereal Somberness” is the very definition of sinister as these Danes have a rabid hunger for everything that comes in their sight, and the ensuing bloodbath is capturing marvelously in these nine pieces of death, decay, and darkness. It’s far from rare to see a death metal band bring those three together for even just a single song, but Taphos does it with such potency and in exquisite detail that it’s a task to not become absorbed in its miasma. “Come Ethereal Somberness” is a delicious piece of darkness that is incredibly opaque, and Taphos knows how to capitalize it to its maximum potential as each track serves a terrific purpose in this grand sermon of black death.

There are plenty of tasty debut albums out there in the world floating about, but “Come Ethereal Somberness” is definitely one of the better ones that I’ve come across lately, and Taphos continues to deliver with each subsequent listen. If there is anything to take away from this record it’s that Taphos is an entity not to be underestimated or trifled with, and they’re going to bring multiple waves of black across the land that I and many others will gladly submerge ourselves in.

“Come Ethereal Somberness” releases on June 8th via Blood Harvest!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Come Ethereal Somberness” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Taphos on Facebook here.


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