Huey – MA

 I’ve always been greatly entranced by the realm of instrumental rock ever since I heard My Sleeping Karma’s “Moksha” a few years ago, and it’s simply because of how meditative it all is. Yes, it can pack one fucking hell of a punch and be no less than bombastic plenty of times, but it’s the speechless suave that many acts incorporate into their instrumentalism that truly makes the experiences unique. And it’s bands like Huey that take that idea to the best extent, and their newest album is a crispy example of such.

Never do I think of Brazil and go “oh, the land of delicious instrumental rock” mainly because we just don’t see a lot of that from Brazil, and that’s why I appreciate Huey even more as they really feel like the trail-blazers for instrumental rock in their country where it seems styles like thrash metal dominate the heavy music communities. Granted, Huey is by no means newcomers to the underground as they have an EP and LP to their name for the last eight years, but they’ve only lacked in activity and material as opposed to quality. The instant you start listening to “MA”, you know you’re in for something special. In no way at all is there a dull moment with these eight tracks as Huey delivers with one song after another as the band shows true prowess in grand instrumentalism from explosive riffs to transcendent immersion with exquisite mastery. “MA” consistently delivers with each song having its own character and Huey knows how to capitalize on it at literally every turn with deadly precision and grand musicianship that I simply can’t get enough of! The first spin is intoxicating to say the least, but every ensuing spin is a tasty reward like few others. There’s always another morsel to savor with “MA”, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving in every way.

One of the greatest tragedies of the underground is how the vast majority of band’s are destined for obscurity even if they’ve more talent that some bands who’ve actually made it big. I dread that Huey may become one of them given their relatively small following, but in every way I want them to do amazing as they show in excess with “MA” that they’ve every component of a great band. This album is perfect for a drive, perfect for meditation, and an overall great heavy record that has so many flavors and is so diverse that it’s a crime that it won’t get more publicity.

LISTEN to “MA” on Bandcamp here.

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