Mesarthim – The Density Parameter

 For the last few years, Mesarthim has become one of the names to know if you’re any sort of fan of metal featured on Bandcamp as this act consistently tops the site’s charts every single time they put out any new material. Their brand of atmospheric black metal settled in the cosmos of space is endlessly entertaining, and the band knows it as they return yet again with their third full-length album. And it is a potent helping to say the very least.

It’s been a year since the band’s last piece of material was released, and that’s quite odd given how 2016 was such an eventful year with the band as it saw the release of their sophomore full-length record and four separate EP’s that gave the band even more of a renowned reputation to all who managed to catch their sound. But with “The Density Parameter”, Mesarthim return for a year-long silence with an album that’s not only incredibly fitting of their name but also a delicious display of power and the direction they’re taking their sound after their previous string of releases. With each release, Mesarthim have been incorporating more and more electronic effects to their unique vision of black metal to where their 2017 EP of “Presence” went full-on disco in some areas while still retaining classic Mesarthim, but the band put the restraints on them with the six tracks of “The Density Parameter” while still making them clear. They’re more in the background with this album, but they still make up a crucial part of the album as Mesarthim weave their chaotic black metal around these minimal effects that truly bring a cosmic feel to their music even more, and somehow elevates the quality of “The Density Paramter”. Even then, the band isn’t afraid to challenge the listener with half of the album’s tracks being over ten minutes to challenge the listener’s attention span, and the detail in every moment is so crisp and delicious; it’s only the exact sort of thing we’ve come to expect from this distinguished act.

Truly, we’ve have come to expect only top notch material from Mesarthim with their illustrious back catalog of albums, and “The Density Parameter” is no different. These six tracks are just the exact kind of chaos mixed with unorthodox wonder that space has become known for thanks to the likes of this band, and I’ve got an itch saying that this band will definitely get their wheels rolling again for another streak. And it’ll be something to behold, for sure.

LISTEN to “The Density Parameter” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Mesarthim on Facebook here.


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