Kanseil – Fulische

 One of the first underground folk metal bands that I ever found myself enjoying was Kanseil with their debut album, and I still listen to it to this very day. They bring a very modern sound to the genre while still clearly maintaining roots to the ancient mysticism of Italy which impeccable instrumentation from the guitars to the bagpipes. It’s been three years since their debut, and not three minutes into their new album I was able to tell Kanseil has improved on everything from their debut in every way.

Easily, the most important part of folk metal in my eyes is the instrumentation as it truly makes the genre for me in ways that no other style has been able to do on such a massive scale. Folk metal needs additional instruments like a flute to really drive home the mysticism, adventure, or whatever the band is trying to convey. Kanseil understands that perfectly from top to bottom, and “Fulìsche” is a culmination of this band’s talent from aggressively pursuing live shows and charging forward with tenacity and passion. Whereas the calm intro sets the fantasy tone for the whole of “Fulìsche” it’s the follow-up track that really hits home how well Kanseil is able to represent both metal as well as the folk parts of their style. Each song has a special flavor to them as some are more aggressive beaters that are driven by bagpipes for that extra kick, and others flow like water as the flutes, bagpipes, and rauschpfeife take the foreground to really show the brilliant sense of musicianship behind Kanseil. And truly, “Fulìsche” deserves more than one listen as with each and every spin you find another thing to enjoy be it the vocals or the rhythm or the sheer passion that’s poured into all eight of these tracks that represent a part of the Italian metal scene we don’t get very often.

I’ve always been frustratingly picky when it comes to folk metal, but whenever it comes to Kanseil I simply can’t say no because they haven’t done a single thing wrong in my eyes ever since I heard them. This new album sets a new standard for the band as “Fulìsche” is everything the band is and so much more as us peons can only tap our foot to the brilliant sound and glorious feel that Kanseil conjures for this fantastic piece.

“Fulìsche” releases on May 25th via RockShots Records!

LISTEN to the previous Kanseil album, “Doin Earde”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kanseil on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Kanseil on Twitter: @KanseilOfficial


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