Sadistik Forest – Morbid Majesties

 There’s always a band out there for everyone that just sneaks up on them from out of fucking nowhere. I heard whispers of Sadistik Forest in recent years, but I’ve just never listened to them for no particular reason, but with their upcoming album I decided to put my foot down and actually fucking listen to them. In no small way, there’s no way I could’ve picked a better starting point with this Finnish death metal act as their brand new set is the kind of thing that everyone will eat right up like it’s homemade ice cream.

Death metal hailing from Finland is always something that catches my attention at least a little bit simply because Scandinavia is fucking immaculate when it comes to metal and I don’t care who disagrees with that. Sadistik Forest had plenty to prove with their latest album and not a minute into “Morbid Majesties” you can tell that these guys know exactly what they’re fucking doing! These eight tracks have a terrific diversity among them as Sadistik Forest masterfully executes hard-hitting riff grinders like “The Hour of Dread” to elongated epics like “Bones of a Giant” with little difficulty as their dominance over all things death metal is shown with little animosity here. But don’t think that Sadistik Forest doesn’t allow “Morbid Majesties” to become suffocated by death metal because this band manages to incorporate black metal elements into many corners of the album from the vocals to the very sound of the metal, and it’s simply delicious! That’s a very dangerous concoction to deal with, but with staggering excellence and undeniable skill, Sadistik Forest overcomes the challenge magnificently so to deliver us one of the apex death metal records we’re likely to get for the next good while!

The realm of death metal is one that’s always ripe for brand new bands to always be coming out of the woodwork as they always are, and while Sadistik Forest are far from newcomers to the scene I can say with confidence right now that “Morbid Majesties” is the album that will put them on the fucking map. Each song off this smashing record are true delights in every way, and one listen simply isn’t enough for the likes of this greatness.

“Morbid Majesties” releases on May 25th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Morbid Majesties” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sadistik Forest on Facebook here.

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