Primordial – Exile Amongst the Ruins

 Twenty-seven years for anything is a feat whether it be living to be twenty-seven years old or holding a job for that long. It’s something that not many bands are able to accomplish, but luckily metal (and music in general for that matter) has always had bands that stand the test of time. Primordial is an act that has been an unwavering pillar of black/folk metal over the years and has always been a tantalizing treat to behold. With their newest record, Primordial once again proves they’re more than worthy of maintaining their legendary status.

Any album that’s over an hour has absolutely got to have plenty of tastiness to it that can keep the listener intrigued in its entirety. Otherwise, you clearly lose the attention of the listener and fail to create a compelling album. That’s a problem that Primordial has never had throughout their illustrious career, and “Exile Amongst the Ruins” is no exception to the rule as its eight pieces of sheer excellency show that this monstrous act is still at the top of their game! All of “Exile Amongst the Ruins” is a true rollercoaster of black/folk metal the likes of which is a very, very specific concoction and only Primordial has been able to do it with such accuracy and then proceed to perform it with not only tastefulness but with grand splendor. We can only ever expect grandeur from Primordial and that’s exactly what they deliver as we’re treated to epics like “Last Call”, complex treats like “Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed”, and crowd pleasers like the title track itself. The album is especially well-rounded as there’s something for everyone both loyal and unfamiliar to the realm of Primordial, and it results in being an excellent piece because of it.

Truly, Primordial never disappoints and they only continue to show their genius with every album they put out! Being a very worthy successor to their previously acclaimed album, “Exile Amongst the Ruins” shows this band is far from throwing in the towel and they’ve still got the power to continue on for many more records!

“Exile Amongst the Ruins” releases on March 30th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Exile Amongst the Ruins” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Exile Amongst the Ruins” on Bandcamp here.

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