Hinayana – Order Divine

 The world of death and doom metal has always been one that’s a weird gray area for me simply because far too many bands don’t know how to properly balance it all out. Then throwing in a strong element of melody is yet another thing to try and maintain, but there are always the exceptions. Hinayana showed promise with their demo, “Endless”, over three years ago, but it’s with their debut that these Americans show they’ve the means to deliver us a blend of death/doom fans of the genre never knew they needed!

I’ve always been a real sucker for some damn good heavy psych simply because it’s such a unique sound, but infusing it with death metal and thus making it incredibly melodic is something else entirely. Not many bands have brought such a thing to the table (to my knowledge), but Hinayana makes one damn good case for it with an equally impressive debut! Right from the ethereal intro, “Order Divine” marks itself as one of the most intriguing albums to have come out so far this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that carried on for the duration of 2018 given the sheer quality and overall excellence that the whole of this record delivers. Hinayana provides a unique performance that has tons of unique flavor to give “Order Divine” not only an amazingly interesting sound but also a grand performance the likes of which we don’t get often. Throughout all of this spectacle, Hinayana perfects a performance that no other band has been able to do with such great effect. Should you want an exquisite experience that’s all but a rarity in the world of death/doom in its current state then you simply cannot go wrong with “Order Divine”.

It’s extremely difficult to judge a band simply based on a mere demo, but Hinayana had a special air about them in about 2014 and luckily it has paid up with stupendous results! From start to finish, “Order Divine” is a spectacle record to behold and it’s the sort of thing that is an absolute treat to immerse yourself in time and again, and I’ve no doubt that many others will join me in such an exquisite pleasure.

“Order Divine” releases on March 19th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hinayana on Facebook here.


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