Shrine of the Serpent – Entropic Disillusion

 Just about every metalhead who scours the underground has come across one budding group or another and stuck to that group through years, watching them as they grow. I’ve been lucky enough to witness some promising acts rise from another band in the underground to being signed to a reputable label and putting out a truly exemplary debut album. Shrine of the Serpent made a blip on my radar back in 2015, and since then I’ve kept a loose eye on them and my patience has paid off as this American band shows off their hidden talent finally, and it couldn’t be sweeter!

In today’s modern death/doom climate, it’s hard to become an act that stands out as far too many people go the lazy route and just create something that’s only slightly heavy and only the minimal amount of filth to call its own. But whenever it came to Shrine of the Serpent, they always knew how to bring the heavy in such a way that made it feel like a lost art that only they knew how to recreate not only faithfully but with laser precision. That trend continues to their debut full-length album, “Entropic Disillusion”, as it’s just as monolithic and menacing as one could ever want from the style. Easily, Shrine of the Serpent encapsulates the promised death metal in ways that can only be considered delicious, but the doom portion of it all is no less than fucking immaculate! Many bands either stumble along for far too long to only arrive at boredom or not stay long enough to spread the proper amount of destruction, but “Entropic Disillusion” does it in absolutely perfect doses that make it one fucking absurdly heavy record that only doom knows how to birth. Should you also want crunchy, flavorful rhythms amongst the monolithic guitars, then don’t worry as this three-headed serpent of an act delivers brilliantly from one track to the next with deadly accuracy.

“Entropic Disillusion” is very close to the perfect album that death/doom fans have been praying to come for years, and it’s only fitting that Shrine of the Serpent would be the ones to deliver it. Easily one of my more anticipated releases of this year from the moment I found out about it, “Entropic Disillusion” is a monstrous record that doesn’t disappoint in any forms as we’re treated to only true mastery of a very volatile album.

“Entropic Disillusion” releases on April 23rd via Memento Mori!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Entropic Disillusion” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Shrine of the Serpent on Facebook here.

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