Dwarrowdelf – The Sons of Fëanor

 Ever since I was a child, I’ve been absolutely enamored by the work of Tolkien and that love has only held true as all throughout my life I’ve loved Middle-Earth in all of its lore, endless characters, and epic tales. When I first got into the black hole that is Tolkien-inspired black metal, I found something that I truly enjoyed experiencing! But there’s always been some exceptions to the rest of the crowd as some bands have truly just gone above and beyond to bring Middle-Earth to life in ways extremely few have done. When I first heard Dwarrowdelf’s single from his upcoming debut, I figured I had found something special, but what awaited me was more than anything I could’ve hoped!

Having a name that’s related to Tolkien can be a cool thing, sure, but it means nothing if you can’t back it up with not only further proof of Tolkien worship but also with your metal. Shall we go down the list? A clear understanding of the lore? Check. A grand sense of musicianship that brings the richly detailed world to life? Double check. The ability to show that you can do top-tier black metal as well as fuse it with folk elements that truly allows the characters to become real and reenact their tragic stories? All day long. But the capacity to do that for seven tracks clocking in just over an hour long in an epic creation like few others?! A true rarity, but Dwarrowdelf does it utmost skill and grace the likes of which could stand toe-to-toe with Summoning. Many might dismiss “The Sons of Fëanor” as anything truly grand given it’s the band’s debut effort, but they’d be sorely mistaken. In no small capacity, Dwarrowdelf excels in a niche of the metal world that few masterpieces come from, but this is undoubtedly one of them.

If you’re familiar with the sons of Fëanor in the lore, then you know that their legends are nothing short of epic and tragic at the same time. If you’re not aware, I suggest you do a bit of researching before investigating the masterpiece that is “The Sons of Fëanor”. Just like how there are seven sons, there are seven tracks for this album and each one, understandably, focuses on the son the song’s named after. with rich backstories comes a rich demonstration of glorious musicianship that we simply don’t get often enough. Dwarrowdelf does everything right that he could’ve as we’re treated to grand instrumentation, a truly epic scope that knows no bounds, black metal that’s equally enchanting and powerful! “The Sons of Fëanor” doesn’t only tell of the grand legends of these elves, but Dwarrowdelf knows how to make it an insanely crisp experience and something that’s a truly fantastic album for fans both new and old to anything related to Tolkien. From the beauty of “Curufin” to the grandeur of “Caranthir” to the wonder of “Amrod”, Dwarrowdelf doesn’t disappoint for a single second.

It’s not often that something like this strikes a chord with me, but “The Sons of Fëanor” is a masterpiece the likes of which I could eat up for years and not get tired of simply because Dwarrowdelf shows his ridiculous levels of brilliance and true understanding of the style with this debut. I’ve already come across a few albums that I’m sure will become my favorites of the entire year, and I’m very confident in saying that “The Sons of Fëanor” is one of those. Dwarrowdelf has created something truly special and unique here. There’s no doubt about it, and this very tiny act cannot get enough attention.

“The Sons of Fëanor” releases on April 30th via Wolfspell Records!

LISTEN to the single, “Maedhros”, on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Dwarrowdelf on Facebook here.

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    1. The way that I do it is that the Album of the Month is an album that I covered during the month. I understand where you’re coming from and I’ve thought about it plenty of times.

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