Hiemis – Nachtstücke

 The brilliance behind the genres of ambiance and noise is the same kind of thing that music, in general, creates for different people as music as almost always been a realm to another world that can only be tapped into by music. Dark ambiance will always have a special place when it comes to that, and acts like Hiemis are what keep the excellence alive and we needn’t look further than this debut. While his first, it shows that Hiemis is a clear master of dark ambiance and wields it with terrible power.

When your album is purely instrumental, you’re truly bearing all in order to present a living, breathing world that has its own ebb and flow like ours. It has its own people, its own physics, and its own mysteries. Hiemis explores the mysteries of his special universe titled “Nachtstücke”. Right away with the cover art, you know that Hiemis isn’t you’re run-of-the-mill minimalistic or environmental ambiance act. Instead, “Nachtstücke” shows with the fluctuations of energy and the silent story-telling where this universe has dreams that create the very fabric of its space. It creates an understandably unique experience and Hiemis demonstrates a masterful sense of musicianship by always keeping the ambiance tantalizing to a T as he never uses the same effects twice, and keeps every single track fresh, invigorating, and delicious to allow the listener an experience that’s no less than immeasurably immersive. Sure, ambiance as a whole is known for that, but Hiemis does it in such an exemplary fashion that it’s impossible not to eat right up.

Granted, I’m still a tad new to the world of ambiance as a whole, but what I’ve heard so far has somehow led me to Hiemis and for that, I’m eternally grateful. Mainly because it’s led to me to discovering how truly wondrous this act is! Its immersion is the likes of which I’m always looking for silently, and I didn’t know I’d been searching until I found it. “Nachtstücke” is certainly a treat for any fans of ambiance looking to get a taste of an alternate universe, and it’s one that I’m likely to revisit over and over again.

LISTEN to “Nachtstucke” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hiemis on Facebook here.

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