Depravity – Evil Upheaval

617015.jpg Whenever I hear of new metal from anywhere I almost always have an instinctive impulse to check and see where the band is from. If I see the band in question is from Australia, I get excited because that country fucking knows how to do all sorts of metal the likes of which only Scandinavia can rival! I’ve very rarely come across a band from Australia that hasn’t enamored me in some way, and Depravity only continues that amazing trend! With their debut album, these guys show they aren’t fucking around as they deliver an insanely powerful album the genre is known for!

Right from the get-go, Depravity shows that they mean business! These nine tracks of scathing death metal leave no room for survivors whatsoever as “Evil Upheaval” doesn’t let up except for shifting from one song to the next, and this creates a harsh, unending attitude of pure intensity rage that even the greatest bands of the genre fail to do sometimes. Depravity does everything they could’ve right with this album as we’re given ferocious slabs of insanity from riffs heavier than mountains, anthems that make you thirsty for blood, and an undying energy that makes you ready to run a fucking marathon! “Evil Upheaval” is the very thing that the underground fans of death metal have needed with the sheer craftsmanship and the tasty treats that are in every corner of this album making it something truly wondrous to behold in all of its bloody splendor. And also, it’s given the underground another tantalizing band to add to its ranks of undeniable powerhouses of death metal the likes of which we simply don’t get often enough! Every second of “Evil Upheaval” is something that I’m positive any death metal fan can enjoy, and I’ve no doubt at all in my mind that these guys can do it again.

Depravity shows their worth throughout the marvel that is the record and I know damn well this band won’t go out without a massive boom! “Evil Upheaval” is just the thing that death metal has been needing in recent times, and leave it to someplace like Australia to produce such a fine act!

“Evil Upheaval” releases on April 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Evil Upheaval” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Depravity on Facebook here.

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