MethysOs – Jukai

 For the longest time, I always felt that folk metal would be suited to a Chinese or samurai theme and for the longest time, no one attempted it. Then I discovered Whispered, and then Black Kirin, and now MethysOs. These gentlemen from Cyprus show with their sophomore album that if they aren’t just trying to imitate Whispered then they’re a hell of an act to know of! MethysOs shows with both grace and power that their take on folk metal is more than worthy to carry the rare name of “samurai metal”!

I’ll be completely honest with you all, when I first came upon MethysOs I figured they were a cheap knock-off of Whispered. But then I put my stupidity aside and I actually listened to their new album of “Jukai”, and holy shit does this band make an impression! Sure, the styles of both MethysOs and Whispered are similar in theme, but that’s about where the similarities end and MethysOs make it work like I never thought. The eleven tracks of “Jukai” make for quite a rollercoaster as we’re treated to anthems like “Shinigami”, brilliant musicianship like “King Michael III”, and then truly organic epics like “Aokighara” to create a fully fleshed out album that’s not only organic but incredibly entertaining! From the very first note, MethysOs does a damn good job at showing what their sound is all about, but “Jukai” doesn’t allow itself to succumb to the sad fate of being monotone as MethysOs shows with pure talent that they’re too good for such a thing. And should you not be into the overall theme of what MethysOs brings to the table then maybe the sheer amount of excellence and musicianship “Jukai” demonstrates will win you over.

There’s no denying that MethysOs comes from an incredibly niche style in all of metal, and they pull it off with no less than masterful precision! My doubts have thankfully been put to rest forever as MethysOs is now a band that I will follow extremely close as “Jukai” has won me over like very few albums have. If given the chance, I’m sure it’ll do the same for many more out there as well.

LISTEN to “Jukai” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW MethysOs on Twitter: @MethysOs_Band

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