Ende – Goétie Funeste

 Typically, it can take a band anywhere between two to five or more years to create a new album due to touring, personal obligations, creative breaks, and anything in between. A band that is constantly dishing out new material back to back years can run the risk of burning themselves out. Yet, it allows some bands to thrive and thus evolve in ways that are a true wonder to witness. Ende has long been a personal favorite of mine ever since their sophomore effort, “The Rebirth of I”, and it’s with their upcoming fourth opus that we truly see this French act evolve into a beast that’s still the same creature, but there’s so much more to it now.

When listening to previous efforts from Ende, you can effortlessly hear the raw nature that the band was going for with their classic sound that’s steeped in occultism and intensity that only a mighty storm could embody. Everything is icy and truly wastes no time, and while that’s still incredibly evident with “Goétie Funeste”, you can immediately hear the shift in tone. The sound itself of these nine tracks from this new record is fresh for Ende as it feels cleaner in the quality and overall production, but overall the ferocity remains. To say that “Goétie Funeste” is yet another fucking monstrous effort from Ende would be an understatement as these Frenchmen show once again that they’re more than capable of themselves!

One of my favorite parts about Ende has always been their raw approach to their albums that’s always spewing with tasty riffs and their vicious attitude that very rarely takes a moment. Luckily, that style continues as “Goétie Funeste” is yet another blistering onslaught that wouldn’t let up for the end of the very world. It only takes brief pauses in the form of two interludes that are just as minimalistic but impactful as they’ve always been as Ende shows the capacity yet again to add in some conformity amongst all the ferocity. The guitars yet again illicit a special blend of icy madness that Ende has always been masters at, and to back them up with their rest of the immaculate band are rhythms that only further pull you into the storm that is “Goétie Funeste” almost instantly! Then, the vocals – still ridiculously raw in every form as the mastermind behind Ende shows that he’s still as masterful a frontman as ever and shows off an impeccable sense of musicianship for the fourth year in a row as Ende sounds more complete than they ever have!

Three full-lengths and a split all within four years can prove to be very intense for any band not prepared to commit to the act. But when it comes to Ende, the dedication couldn’t be more evident! The whole of “Goétie Funeste” is but another fucking excellent example as to the power behind Ende and how fucking incredible they are! I’ve sunk countless hours into Ende’s discography from their occult mastery that is “Black Sorcery of the Great Macabre” to the atmospheric excellence of “Notre Falaise” to the chaos of “The Witch’s Fire”, so as “professionally” as possible… Ende has delivered another masterstroke of black metal genius with “Goétie Funeste”. I do my best to not let my love for a band get in the way of my reviews, but I’d be lying to myself if Is aid I didn’t fall in love with “Goétie Funeste” by the third spin.

“Goétie Funeste” releases on March 10th via Obscure Abhorrence Productions!

PRE-ORDER “Goétie Funeste” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ende on Facebook here.

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