Coldawn – …In the Dawn

 With many of us being in the depths of winter, sometimes it’s music that can really bring out the best of the season. It’s hard to find a metal album that accurately represents a season in general, but black metal has always been special int hat regard, and atmospheric variety doubly so. It’s bands like Coldawn that prove the style still has much more to be done, and this international band shows with their debut album that they’re perfect for embodying nature in immensely immersive and satisfying black metal!

A problem that I’ve often seen with black metal is that the material in question can become quite monotone as too many bands don’t take into consideration the very ebb and flow of the album they’re creating. Sure, tracks can sound decent alone, but when you’re listening to an entire piece in one go it helps immensely to have the songs flow and feel like you’re having a real experience and not just listening. That seems to be the idea that Coldawn had with “…In the Dawn”, and it clearly pays off! The whole of “…In the Dawn” takes the cold solitude of winter and amplifies every single emotion associated with it by one million, and the overall performance through the instrumentation is no less than fucking immaculate as Coldawn truly moves as a single unit with one role complimenting the rest in supreme fashion. Each of these eight tracks has a flavor of their own while still maintaining the same core path that Coldawn set for themselves with “…In the Dawn” taking several different paths to make the whole of its experience one that’s incredibly satisfying from beginning to end. And once you’ve come through the wintry storm that Coldawn conjured for us, it’s then that you’ll want to dive right back in to feel the gentle caress of the snow but feel the bite of the cold yet again.

Atmospheric black metal is a style that’s become extremely common especially in places like Bandcamp where literally anyone can create little worlds of their own, but it takes a special act all of its own to stand proud with only their debut. Coldawn joins the ranks of many illustrious acts as these gentlemen show with “…In the Dawn” that they have a clear and fascinating understanding of the style to the point where they’ve created an immaculate experience that’s very true to the style’s roots! Something that fans new and old of the sound can listen to anytime, Coldawn has made one fucking hell of an entrance.

LISTEN to “…In the Dawn” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Coldawn on Facebook here.


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