Precaria / Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering / Dominus Ira – Metamorphosphoros

 The appeal of a split is not lost on me in any capacity. It can bring together two great bands for a monumental listen the likes of which we only could’ve hoped to see live before that. Splits tend to bring together similar acts with similar styles that allow the groups in question to really show off their strengths as well as show cooperation with other bands. Three-way splits don’t happen often but in the case of “Metamorphosphoros”, I couldn’t ask for better bands to contribute. The resulting experience is one marred by death and destruction but also a macabre sense of wonder.

Bringing together the combined talents all across the globe from Mexico to the USA to Russia, “Metamorphosphoros” is a 60+ minute onslaught of a special breed of terror the likes of which we don’t often see with splits. But there’s another fascinating factor that goes into these ten tracks as these three bands contribute to an overall arching story that’s truly special: the concept of Theion, the ever-burning fire that strangely never consumes. The descent into madness and its residual abyss, the quest to attain purification, and the ascension to something greater than the base human existence. All this culminates in the ultimate goal: death which, unlike Theion, consumes all that there is and can be. Such a story is daunting to just conceptualize, but the combined efforts of Precaria, Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering, and Dominus Ira make “Metamorphosphoros” the marvel that it became.

After ripping yourself from that beautifully occult art that the split sports with pride, you’re immediately thrown into a vortex of flame and bone by Precaria who dominates the listener’s very psyche. The Mexican trio shows off their power through brutal riffs and complex instrumentation the likes of which will draw many obscure black fans from all around as Precaira feels very classic yet rooted in a modern sense of occultism that brings a special flair to their four tracks presented here. Serving as the middle chapter in our grand journey, Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering follows a formula akin to that of Precaria’s, but these Americans take on a death metal format to bring a special flavor of destruction straight from the void itself. With brilliant musicianship on full display and a magnificently entrancing use of ambiance, Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering leaves one fucking hell of an impression, to say the least. Dominus Ira wraps up “Metamorphosphoros” with a majestic helping of black metal that allows us to drift into the black realm of death with not only grace but with a wide smile as we embrace the cold. This Russian act brings to the table black metal that’s very fitting for such an eventful finish, and to say that it’s a perfect ending to a grand split would be an understatement.

This day, I’ve discovered three new great and promising bands that both show yet again that death and black metal have unexplored territories that are ripe for plundering! In every form, “Metamorphosphoros” is a tremendous effort that shows the talents behind all three of these groups that have more than earned the attention of many! Whether it be Precaria’s unrelenting fury, Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering’s haunting sense of mystery, or Dominus Ira’s icy majesty that draws you in, “Metamorphosphoros” is a split that’s destined to become a favorite of many. 

Metamorphosphoros” releases on March 30th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LIKE Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering on Facebook here.

LIKE Precaria on Facebook here.

Dominus Ira does not have any sort of social media from what I could find, so please follow the band on Bandcamp to stay caught up on everything related to the band’s material.


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