Against Evil – All Hail the King

 Since their debut a few years back, Against Evil has become one of those acts in the heavy metal community that many people have crowded around simply because what we’ve seen of them is so tantalizing and spectacular. What many wanted above all else from this band was to hear a follow-up record, and a few years later we’ve been rewarded! Against Evil only increases their quality and badassery tenfold with “All Hail the King” as they once again bring glory to the world of heavy metal!

As being one of the first bands that helped plant the seed of excellence that is the Indian metal scene into my bet, I’ve always had a debt of gratitude towards Against Evil and I was more than excited to see what these guys could do with future albums after hearing their sexy debut! Now with “All Hail the King”, we get to charge back into battle with Against Evil yet again as these Indians triumphantly return with nine tracks that only further show us that these guys know exactly what they’re fucking doing! Right from the get-go, “All Hail the King” makes things exciting with an intro that skips right over the exposition and goes straight for the rising actions as it serves as the perfect prelude to the fucking awesomeness that the rest of the album grants us. We’re given scrumptious riffage, a glorious homage to the spirit of heavy metal, and a cohesive feel that ties all of “All Hail the King” together as Against Evil show yet again that they’re understanding of heavy metal goes far beyond merely bringing together different instruments to create a decent tune. These guys show no less than true mastery over their craft, and “All Hail the King” shows with undeniable proof that Against Evil is far from an entity that can only produce one good album. I don’t know about you but that’s a marvelous thing to know in my book.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear high-quality heavy metal in a place where you’d least expect it then you fucking need to hear Against Evil even more than normal! In every way, “All Hail the King” is a magnificent triumph no matter which way you look at it from, and it’s one of those releases that’s more than sure to make a ripple in the grand lake that is heavy metal and I can only hope because will clamor to hear it.

“All Hail the King” releases on April 6th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “All Hail the King” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Against Evil on Facebook here.

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