Suum – Buried Into the Grave

 Traditional doom is something very akin to old school death metal in that there will always be such a desire for it that many new bands will constantly come out of the woodwork to keep its spirit strong and alive in modern times. But it comes with many acts who fall flat on their face without being able to properly recreate the classic sound and feel, but it also always comes with plenty of exceptions. Suum is one such exception that with their debut album shows they’re more than worthy of carrying the classic feel of doom metal forward alongside others.

What’s one of the most important parts of creating a solid, enjoyable doom metal experience that many people can listen to and go “fuck yeah”? A hell of a good crunch and a menagerie of riffs to go right alongside it! It’s the sort of thing that made traditional doom so fucking good in the first place, and it serves as a great basis for Suum’s debut that shows these Italians know exactly what they’re doing right out of the gates! From the very beginning, “Buried Into the Grave” shows that Suum isn’t fucking around as you’re immediately drawn into the realm that this group creates brilliantly in an effort to show that they know how to hail the classic style properly! Suum delivers a glorious punch filled with plenty of meat to back it up as “Buried Into the Grave” soaks you in a classic experience that several bands always try, but Suum somehow nails it on their first effort in such a way that shows these guys aren’t to be underestimated! It can take a band several albums to find their way and nail their craft, but Suum shows they can do it right off the bat! That’s a feat that shows throughout every track of this record from the intoxicating “Black Mist” to the attention-grabbing “The Woods Are Waiting”.

This style is one that I’ve always enjoyed thoroughly, but one that I don’t really see pulled off quite well by younger bands. Luckily, Suum shows the newer acts can pull it off quite well, and their debut is all the proof they could ever fucking need. “Buried Into the Grave” is a tantalizing record that shows these Italians have got talent, power, and promise all wrapped up in one sexy package the kind of shit that will draw in many more in by the time these guys put out new material.

LISTEN to “Buried Into the Grave” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Suum on Facebook here.

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