Boethiah – Invocation of the Xenolith

 A common theme that I’ve seen whenever scouring Bandcamp for death metal releases is how there’s an absolute fuck ton of bands that try to emulate the classic style be it in a very pure format or with modernized touches. It’s truly a hit or miss situation that can easily lead to something very solid or something that’s an instant pass, and an innumerable amount of acts have tried their hands. But it’s bands like Boethiah that keeps the style alive and true as they continue to spice things up even if it’s by the teeniest bit.

One thing that I’ve learned above all else when it comes t finding new talent within budding new bands that try to replicate old school death metal is how you can’t exactly expect a whole lot of variety when it comes to the overall sound, but that doesn’t mean there’s plenty of diversity when skipping through the various albums the underground has to offer for you. Boethiah does the style justice with their new album, “Invocation of the Xenolith”, as the whole of these nine tracks do a pretty splendid job at recreating that classic feel. Yet the band doesn’t allow the classic sound to hinder their sound quality as the sound production itself is quite tasty so we’re not lost in a poorly mixed and/or mastered album the likes of which occur all too often, but luckily “Invocation of the Xenolith” doesn’t fall into such a trap. To follow up such tastiness, Boethiah delivers a downright nasty slab of death metal that doesn’t know how to quit as where one track is a chum-fest of guts and flesh the next is a storm of bone and blood as Boethiah doesn’t switch up the classic formula a great deal but they do it enough to make “Invocation of the Xenolith” a record that doesn’t get boring with each passing listen. That’s a skill many bands lack, but these guys do it very, very well.

Checking out what newer bands have to offer for older styles is something that can easily lose its luster if you’re constantly running into one subpar band after another, but I’ve been lucky enough to be a streak with such and Boethiah only continues that trend for me. “Invocation of the Xenolith” shows that these guys can put together a very solid record from start to finish, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a way to surpass themselves whenever the put out new material.

LISTEN to “Invocation of the Xenolith” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Boethiah on Facebook here.


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