Rumahoy – The Triumph of Piracy

 With every band that brings something even relatively new to the table that becomes big comes a fair number of bands wanting to get in on that hot new craze. What style other than pirate metal would be perfect for plundering when the time is absolutely right? Alestorm started a cult favorite with their special blend of folk and power metal to tell of tales of the high seas, and bands are slowly starting to do just the same with their own grand vessels, and Rumahoy is easily the tastiest of them all to appear in recent years.

Sure, you can call something like this a blatant rip-off, but I feel as though Rumahoy does enough things differently to stand proud on their own and not become labeled as an Alestorm clone. That being said, pirate metal has always been synonymous with a damned good time from its beer to its wenches to its magnificent tales on the high seas, and Rumahoy brings that and much more with their debut album of “The Triumph of Piracy”. Busting in with catchy tunes, a no-fucks-given attitude, and a full keg of rum, Rumahoy does very little to distance themselves from the stereotypes that pirate metal has made for itself and the band plays off of them masterfully! It’s tracks like “Forest Party” and “Huffman, the Pirate King” that bring the melody to a magnificent degree as Rumahoy shows their capacity to keep a party going whilst still being straight up nasty as faithful pirates to the code, but that doesn’t mean “The Triumph of Piracy” is a monotone experience. Not to my particular liking, Rumahoy even experiments with a rave-ish track towards the end of the album that is honestly my least favorite part of the whole album but I can agree with changing things up, and I’ve definitely heard worse. By the end, “The Triumph of Piracy” isn’t just an absolute romp but it’s also a fantastic trip across the Carribean while being too fucking drunk to stand, and Rumahoy plays off that perfectly with their very rough style of folk metal that’s as crude as you can get.

This album has already garnered a fair bit of ire from many people who apparently love to hate, but such things can’t be avoided. Personally, this album is an excellent solution to an itch that I always have whenever it’s been a while since an Alestorm piece when I just want more fucking pirate metal! “The Triumph of Piracy” is just that: a triumph! Rumahoy shows with ease that they’re absolutely capable of carrying out the infamous name of pirate metal with style and stupor the likes of which we can only come to expect from drunken pirates, and I can’t wait to hear more!

LISTEN to tracks from “The Triumph of Piracy” on Bandcamp here.

BUY “The Triumph of Piracy” via iTunes here.

LIKE Rumahoy on Facebook here.


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