Black Space Riders – Amoretum Vol. 1

 The world is a place that always seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on between war, death, corruption, famine, disease, and so many other things making the planet seem like a very bleak place. How could you ever possibly respond to such hate? With love, naturally. Music has always been a place to do that, and Black Space Riders have never been a group to shy away from heavy themes. With their brand new album, this phenomenal rock group returns with a stunning display of what it means to make quality music with both meaning and passion.

This German act gained my love with their last full-length of “Refugeeum”, and in the three years since then, they’ve returned with renewed purpose and the desire to bring more love into the world to make it a brighter place. Many bands have tried to do it, but Black Space Riders’ unique approach with their stylish take on psychedelic space rock affords for a near perfect vessel for such a theme. After sifting through the contents of what “Amoretum” has to offer, there’s very little room that’s left for error has once again Black Space Riders brings to the table with another great album. Spanning across eight tracks, “Amoretum” is a true rollercoaster as the band yet again shows off their grand sense of musicianship that allows for an immersive listen that brings the genre to a glorious height that we don’t get nearly enough. We’re treated to truly grandiose craftsmanship with “Amoretum” that’s an absolute delight to experience in every single way as Black Space Riders shows for the fifth consecutive time that they are one of the tastiest bands of their kind in the entire world when it comes to bringing soul into their music whilst executing it with masterful precision. My only lament: the album ends.

I had a great amount of confidence that Black Space Riders would perform terrifically yet again with “Amoretum” given the amazing track record these guys have built up for themselves, and it’s everything I could’ve expected! Hours soaked into this record has made me fall in love with these eights tracks as space rock continues to be dominated by this phenomenal band. As if things couldn’t get any better, “Amoretum Volume 2” is already slated for later in 2018… so now as we digest this marvel, another one is already on its way. That’s an early Christmas as far as I’m concerned.

LISTEN to “Amoretum Vol. 1” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Black Space Riders on Facebook here.

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