Caedeous – Domini Tenebrarum

 Symphonic metal has always been one of those styles that I’ve been on the fence about with loads of bands making great cases for the style and plenty others fumbling at every turn. I’ve always been meaning to get more into symphonic metal, but it’s simply one of those things you never get around to, but luckily, it came to me tonight in the form of Caedeous’ latest album. In its simplest form, this record is a monstrous undertaking that’s executed with unbelievable precision and skill.

A lot of times, I’m more of a guy that prefers two different styles being more balanced when brought together in a performance and thus one not overpowering the other, but sometimes I’m willing to make an exception. When it came to Caedeous’ latest offering, “Domini Tenebrarum”, it was immediately clear that this Portuguese band favored their helping of symphonies way over the black metal they introduced, but the end result allows for the black metal side to still make a fair appearance throughout the seven tracks while the symphonies put on a grand show for us to soak right up. The seven tracks of “Domini Tenebrarum”, while being beautifully composed in every sense, has the raw nature and frightening aspects that black metal has become known for, and the symphonies are wont to die down so we’re given a tasteful sample from the strings to really allow the black metal to become more present outside the haunting vocals that truly know how to carve into your skull. And at the very core, that’s what “Domini Tenebrarum” is – a haunting experience orchestrated through a very outstanding feat in music as a brilliant composition meets metal in a way that rarely happens, and in this instance, it’s allowed for a very enticing listen.

Be it the full version of “Domini Tenebrarum” or it’s purely orchestral version that you fancy, there’s no denying that Caedeous has created something that’s equal parts enchanting and horrifying to form a dynamic experience that can be quite rewarding. When it comes to symphonic black metal, Caedeous is far from a well-known name, but given time and a chance to show what they’re truly made of I’m sure that this group will blow everyone’s expectations right out of the water.

LISTEN to “Domini Tenebrarum” via YouTube here or below.

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