Kosmogyr – Eviternity

 The tricky thing about black metal is how it’s been subject to so much experimentation in recent years that it’s hard to set yourself apart from the rest without relying too much on classic tropes and possibly fucking them up or sound like you’re ripping off more modern acts with shitty execution. It’s a struggle that many have faced, and many have risen above the challenge to splendid results. The international duo of Kosmogyr met the challenge head-on and conquered it wondrously with their sophomore full-length.

Sometimes it’s the stuff that doesn’t have a flashy or colorful cover art that prompts investigation before others as that’s the case here with Kosmogyr and “Eviternity”. In normal circumstances, my foolishness would lead me to skip right over this album simply because I wouldn’t be drawn in by the cover art, but I’m very glad I heard what “Eviternity” has to offer as it’s the kind of black metal that deserves to be heard. We’ve seen plenty of the kind of stuff that Kosmogyr has to offer in plenty of other bands, but the duo’s unique flavors allow “Eviternity” to become much more than another run-of-the-mill black metal piece that knows how to be a real rollercoaster from the soundscapes to intensity. But the nine tracks that we are given with this record shows a real understanding of a modern take on black metal that runs thick through the album’s vein as Kosmogyr knows how to deliver be it in the form of a vicious riff or an immersive dip into a dark, atmospheric realm of mist or a tasteful combination of both that adds loads of character to “Eviternity” in ways that many other bands fail to incorporate. That allows Kosmogyr to show they really have an understanding of what they’re doing, and the payoff is in the music which is all but delicious when you get down to it, and “Eviternity” is a treat that keeps on giving.

While nothing drastically different or ground-breaking happens within the contents of “Eviternity”, there’s little denying the brilliance and potential that’s shown within these nine tracks. Kosmogyr hasn’t been putting out music for very long, but they’ve already proven to be a force that has potential to grow and become something truly noteworthy. If “Eviternity” is going to do anything upon its release, it’ll show what we can come to expect from this exceptional band in the future.

“Eviternity” releases on March 9th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Eviternity” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kosmogyr on Facebook here.

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