Mammoth Grinder – Cosmic Crypt

 I’m all for a return if it’s a classy one. If you’re simply wanting to get a band back together for music then I don’t enjoy endorsing such a thing, but getting an itch to play a certain style again is a very respectable reason, and I believe that’s what led to the recreation of Mammoth Grinder after a brief hiatus that ended last year. Their new album was set to be scathing, sure, but the result is no less than a vicious onslaught that’s all but maliciously satisfying!

When you combine raw power with speed and tenacity, you can create something truly engaging as an album, but too many bands fall flat by not putting them in the right proportions or simply don’t approach the content in a way that leads to a pleasing result. But with the combined might of musicians that are in the very reputable and respectable bands of Power Trip and Iron Reagan, there wasn’t much doubt that Mammoth Grinder would return seeking blood. What we got in the form of “Cosmic Crypt” is no less than a pure bloodbath in the middle of a slaughterhouse that keeps on spewing guts and gores even well after the final note has struck. Simply, bring together the overwhelming might of Power Trip then smash it with Iron Reagan’s take-no-shit attitude with a punk influence, and you’ve got the basis for “Cosmic Crypt”; a vicious assault that doesn’t know the meaning of slow down or calm. Practically every track from “Cosmic Crypt” is brimming is destructive riffs, a smashing sense of chaos that wrecks all before it, a combined embodiment of musicianship that’s the result of years of experience in metal between all the members, and an execution that’s as much entertaining as it is monstrous. That’s a description that can fit many bands in all of metal, but Mammoth Grinder pulls it off with such immaculate precision that it’s hard not to become enraptured by it.

I’ve never once thought what would happen if you took the key components from two very solid bands and smashed them into one group, but Mammoth Grinder answers that question in exquisite detail with their upcoming album of pure fire. “Cosmic Crypt” is the kind of album that truly infects the mind, and it’s the kind that’s all too sweet to ignore.

“Cosmic Crypt” releases on January 26th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Cosmic Crypt” on Bandcamp here.

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