Heidevolk – Vuur van Verzet

 Of all the bands that roam in the realm of folk metal, few are more prolific and renowned than Heidevolk who for well over a decade now has been at the top of the genre. They’ve been a force to reckon with ever since their first single, and many people feared they would diminish over time. Yet, that’s a worry that’s made in vain as Heidevolk prepares to unleash an epic new opus upon us, and it’s no less than another fucking awesome testament to the band’s majesty and mastery over folk metal.

Many tend to view Ensiferum or Finsterforst at the top of folk metal, and while those aren’t bad choices at all I firmly feel that Heidevolk is an incredibly strong contender for the crown of the warrior-kings of the genre, and “Vuur van Verzet” is all the proof you could ever possibly need. With an incredibly potent set of eleven tracks that really know how to fucking deliver all the way to the end, Heidevolk lays every single piece of excellence they can muster on the table in order to make “Vuur van Verzet” an album that’s more than worthy of joining the pantheon inhabited by previous Heidevolk efforts. It’s with epic tracks like “A Wolf in My Heart”, tantalizing chants like “Yngwaz Zonen”, and brilliant slabs of pure awesomeness like “The Alliance” that really brings this record together in ways that are very similar to those of us familiar with Heidevolk, and it’s a formula that simply doesn’t get old. There’s nothing wrong with changing up the formula to keep things interesting but Heidevolk does no such thing with “Vuur van Verzet” as it’s brilliant scope and glorious contents don’t need to be wildly different from past efforts purely because Heidevolk knows what the fuck they’re doing and how to do it immaculately!

No need for change at all here and Heidevolk continues to dominate all over folk metal in a way that will cement these guys even more as the reigning champions of the entire genre! The new year has only just started, but “Vuur van Verzet” stands proud and tall at the very beginning with sheer brilliance and staggering excellence, and hopefully, we’ll get plenty of responses from loads of other folk metal bands as well.

“Vuur van Verzet” releases on January 12th via Napalm Records!

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