Enchantenka – 根河

 Like many people, I’m absolutely enamored by the allure of ancient Chinese culture as it’s simply a larger than life style that has so many great things always happening from the architecture to the menagerie of legends. Metal has never been a place where ancient China can find a home, but a few bands have done a damn fine job at doing just that. The one-man act of Enchantenka may not have many followers nor fame, but his work has produced music that’s faithful to both metal and ancient China.

While Black Kirin will likely always hold my heart as my favorite ever band from China, that doesn’t mean I enjoy appreciate acts like Enchantenka who do a style very similar to Black Kirin, and there’s not many of them at all, I assure you. The style of black/folk metal with Chinese influence is something that I could live off of, and Enchantenka’s latest EP of “根河” (I’m not even going to try and do something as insulting as a Google Translate search) is a brilliantly fleshed out example of what the style can aspire to be. Despite not having a super high-quality production or recording on his side, that didn’t stop Enchantenka at all with “根河” as these three tracks do everything that his debut did right. Within 15 minutes we’re given three pieces that are melodic, raw yet very refined to the touch, a beautiful display of a multi-instrumentalist, and a fusion of metal and Chinese tradition that is rarely performed but nonetheless at a one of a kind peak with “根河”. Granted, there’s still plenty of room to improve with Enchantenka as a whole but it’s almost all but impossible to not at the very least appreciate what we’re looking at here.

Metal has never been the ideal vessel to live out one’s desire for ancient China, but bands like Enchantenak has joined the small yet extremely high-quality group of acts like Whispered, Black Kirin, and Zuriaake for some of the best that China has for metal today when it comes to taking their traditions to the extreme. “根河” is a wondrous display in it of itself, and I can only hope that Enchantenka will continue on with more fantastic efforts in the new year.

LISTEN to “根河” on Bandcamp here.

Unfortunately, Enchantenka does not have any sort of traditional media page like Facebook or Twitter that I know of for us to follow. So, all I can suggest is following Enchantenka on Bandcamp via that link right above and keeping a keen eye out in your emails for any new music we might be lucky enough to get.

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