Vvilderness – Devour the Sun

 The realm of blackgaze is a very peculiar one as it’s a very specific sound across just about every single band that ventures within its borders. It’s not often that I’ve seen bands try to do different spins on the style, especially in terms of bringing in several different elements from different styles to make some quite varied. Blackgaze has never taken me to a place with folk influences, but that’s precisely what’s happened with Vvilderness as their special blend is just that: special.

Having no sort of previous material to go off of, the direction that Vvilderness could’ve taken their unique vision was all but uncertain as nothing was off the table with a sound that would include so many elements of so many different styles that are brought together often but leads to a very volatile cocktail that can be easily mishandled. Yet despite this being the band’s first foray into creating any sort of album, “Devour the Sun” is a very fun experience like extremely few others out there. While the folk elements aren’t very present in the instrumentation or overall execution in great detail, it’s the sound of all six tracks that gives “Devour the Sun” an ethereal, mystic feel about the atmosphere that Vvilderness brings out perfectly. “Devour the Sun” is absolutely brimming with atmosphere as Vvilderness is not one to shy away from including any volume of calmer moments to add a brilliant contrast to the controlled chaos that the album can bring forth. It’s far from a blaze of intensity that doesn’t let up as Vvilderness puts a straight up cage on it all, and that works in their favor as “Devour the Sun” doesn’t fall into its own madness and thus abandoning the rest of the overall sound. Not many bands can contain that properly, but Vvilderness does it to great effect along with every other aspect of this debut. In its entirety, there’s not much to complain about “Devour the Sun” and it really knows how to deliver simply by how entertaining it is by how engaging it is.

From start to finish, this debut is a very ethereal one both in spirit and execution. It shows without a doubt that Vvilderness has the potential to really wow us in the future if they simply build upon the magnificent foundation that they’ve laid down with “Devour the Sun”. I imagine it’d make for quite the spectacle.

“Devour the Sun” originally released in 2016, but it re-releases on vinyl March 1st via Casus Bella Musica!

LISTEN to “Devour the Sun” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vvilderness on Facebook here.

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