Church of Orion – Spirals

 Ever since I discovered the wondrous act that is My Sleeping Karma over two years ago, the realm of instrumental psychedelic rock is something that I can’t get enough of. It’s a place that I visit very often as there’s loads of tastiness and excellence to be found where the boundaries of reality come to a blur. Many bands have impressed me and to this day that trend continues as Church of Orion busts out their debut EP that’s filled to the very brim with talent and promise.

One of the main reasons that I fucking love instrumental psychedelic rock is because no two bands sound the same. Not many other styles of the entire word can brag such a feat, and it keeps me coming back to the trippy realm time and again, and it’s what lured me into the debut of Church of Orion in the first place. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from “Spirals” but the three tracks we’re given here are a far cry from mediocre and even cross into the realm of very well done in its best moments. The three pieces that “Spirals” consists of are made up of everything that makes the style great from top to bottom from the delicious riffs to the entrancing tone of the entire album to the pure sound of it all coming together incredibly well to make for a trip like few others. Then there’s the musical prowess perspective as I always find it impressive instrumental bands being able to sound great despite no voice to guide the music, and Church of Orion only brilliantly continues that trend. It’d be stretch to call “Spirals” a marvel of the genre, but it’s hard not to call the album very promising as it shows this Spanish band has talent tucked in their sleeves.

The more I dive into the realm of psychedelic rock the more I fall in love with it, and it’s because of bands like Church of Orion that love grows stronger and stronger almost every day. “Spirals” is a very respectable album that is a real underground gem of the style that should be heard by any and all curious fans of the style.

LISTEN to “Spirals” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

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