Eccentric Pendulum – Tellurian Concepts

 In a world where sometimes the allure of the simple and basic goes away, I find it very nice to have more extravagant bands to look forward to when I want to take the music I’m enjoying to the next level. Luckily, progressive metal is a brilliant home for the grandeur and innovation that I tend to crave. There’s but one question to that: where do I search? Anywhere I can, truthfully, and tonight I was once again guided to India where the band of Eccentric Pendulum has truly delivered with their latest EP.

I’ve always been a fan of bands going the extra mile and interweaving their material to make for a very cohesive experience overall or even making it all one long song despite it being chopped into smaller portions. The latter of which is exactly what Eccentric Pendulum did with “Tellurian Concepts” as the 18-minute EP is broken up into three different acts, but it can all be marathoned to bring to life an incredibly organic and delicious experience. Whereas Eccentric Pendulum doesn’t go all out by dancing across the fretboard or making everything extremely progressive, they substitute it for excellent storytelling and having a stunning bass that makes its mark known on the whole of “Tellurian Concepts” as opposed to a guitar flying fucking everywhere. In a genre that’s becoming increasingly more predictable (ironic, isn’t it), Eccentric Pendulum brings everything to a screeching halt and shows the world how it’s fucking done without breaking a sweat. These guys even bring in a fucking saxophone that’s utilized masterfully to prove how good of a grasp they’ve got on their vision and how they execute it with laser precision. Sure, there have been dozens of other prog metal albums like “Tellurian Concepts”, but Eccentric Pendulum pulled everything off so well that it’s leagues above the rest of the competition.

“Tellurian Concepts” has every one of its aspects nailed perfectly, and Eccentric Pendulum shows that they have absolute mastery over their craft with not a single error being made on this piece. Very few albums of this caliber, and sadly I can tell that this may go criminally unnoticed for reasons that are all but unjust for sure. “Tellurian Concepts” deserves more than to disappear into obscurity, and hopefully time will be kind to this amazing EP.

LISTEN to “Tellurian Concepts” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Eccentric Pendulum: @EPendulum

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