Manet – Devour

 We all have days when at the end we just need to sit down and unwind to something that can simply make us chill the fuck out. The glorious realm of post-rock has long been a refuge of mine, but when I sat down tonight with a migraine thanks to the wonders of life, I wanted something a little different. Enter Manet whose brilliant take on post-rock brings in elements of jazz with heaps of atmosphere to create something no less then spell-binding.

Personally, I’ve never been too big into most things drenched in jazz simply because I just can’t connect with it but I’ve always held the genre in high regards as it’s created some truly splendid acts over the decades. Today, the experimentation of jazz continues as acts like Manet take the sound to a darker place that’s just as beautiful at times as much as it is musically pleasing. And it’s albums like “Devour” that shows what such a concoction can really whip up. From start to finish, these eight tracks provide to us a unique take on instrumental jazz as “Devour” incorporates plenty of atmosphere and post-rock influences to allow each track to have an organic feel to them while also being an absolute joy to listen to. I’m confident in saying that Manet has made a one of a kind sound with his releases, but “Devour” feels like his crowning achievement as it shows with true splendor what his soundscapes can resurrect. Thus, these flowing songs are tantalizing to the touch and enable the listener a unique bliss that can’t be unheard.

While I’m far from calling “Devour” anything that I’d listen to regularly, there’s no contest to say that this album is a spectacle to be heard. Manet is onto something with his creative style, and I’m positive that this man will find a devout cult following if only given the proper exposure that such a tasty sound deserves.

LISTEN to “Devour” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Manet on Facebook here.

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