Greytomb – Monumental Microcosm

 Australia has quickly become a country whose metal scene is one that simply can’t be ignored as it has some of the most interesting bands the underground has seen in recent years with incredible diversity in style as well as a staggering amount of talent from the likes of Sanzu, Roundtable, Somnium Nox, A Breach of Silence, Be’lakor, and Hybrid Nightmares. Even now the people from Down Under continue to produce phenomenal albums from talented acts, and today my focus went to Greytomb whose upcoming album is a tasty slab of black metal.

With bands like Norse and the aforementioned Somnium Nox gracing the Australian black metal scene, it’s easy for an act like Greytomb to come into existence solely by seeing the local talent at work. In fact, the three bands share the same masterful drummer so there’s no shortage of tasteful black metal to be handed out wherever this maniac treads. And much like his other two bands, Greytomb takes black metal and makes it quite atmospheric while still making metal the main focus versus atmosphere. That leads to the upcoming record of “Monumental Microcosm” have but three tracks to call its own, but the 25-minute runtime easily makes up for that and the impeccable music within is the best way to make up for a small track listing. These slabs of cosmic darkness are soaked with an excellent take on black metal that doesn’t disappoint from its echoing chasms to its chaotic rhythms to vocals that seem to be calling you from the black void itself. All these things come together magnificently well to allow Greytomb to truly flex their muscles and prove that they’re the real fucking deal with “Monumental Microcosm”. The album does nothing but justice for the Australian black metal scene and is only further proof that the Aussies aren’t to be underestimated nor fucked with for even a second.

I’ve never had a shred of doubt that Australia was going to let me down as I went into this record and I’m very happy to be right this time. Greytomb is by no means a stranger to the realm of black metal, and it’s clear that with only one full-length to their name that these guys would have the style down to a fucking science. “Monumental Microcosm” is the sort of thing that intimidating to the uninitiated yet incredibly savory to those of us used to the chaos.

“Monumental Microcosm” releases on December 19th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Monumental Microcosm” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Greytomb on Facebook here.


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