Earthbound – Endure

 In this day and age, it is simply impossible for any new band to not have been influenced to the very core by the seemingly infinite number of bands that have come before. But being able to be influenced heavily by local acts is something that many don’t think about as we tend to think the truly influential bands are those that have garnered fame all across the world. In the case of the UK’s Earthbound, these influences range from close to home to countries away to help bring together a debut EP that’s promising albeit with understandable stumbles.

Debut albums to me have always been the sort of thing that you need to take with a grain of salt at all times. It’s often the case that the band in question doesn’t quite have a solid grasp on how to create the exact sound they want, how to make everything fall in place nicely, and even know how to work the studio properly. But such a challenge doesn’t stop bands like Earthbound whose debut EP of “Endure” is far from immaculate, but its special flavors and intricacies hint at a talented act in the making. These British gentlemen hail from the very same county that has produced splendid acts Countless Skies (a personal favorite), Aghast, and even Sikth; all of which influence Earthbound along the likes of Arch Enemy. That leads to “Endure” being a unique mixture of metalcore as well as melo-death which, in my mind, seems like a pretty reasonable mix if the execution is right. And these guys almost pulled it off on the first fucking try – almost. While the instruments I wouldn’t change and merely just let experience and time be the only things to improve their sound, it’s the vocals that could use a touch up because they don’t go with the instruments. The four tracks of “Endure” aren’t bad by any means but the vocals just felt like they weren’t mixed properly or they were fucked with too much and that led to the music sounding rough at worst because of it. Yet, there was a stroke of genius with the final track as everything comes together marvelously. Everything mixes and sounds great instead of certain things standing out more so than others. That’s enough to prove to me that Earthbound has definite potential, and it’s clearly visible. Sure, it’s not the greatest thing I’ve heard but given time and experience I can see this quartet easily standing beside their local influences proudly as equals.

Nothing determination and hard work can’t fix, fortunately. I’ve always found it sad that bands with definite talent simply stop because they don’t feel their music is up to snuff even though if they simply really went for it they can make something special. I believe that Earthbound can do it effortlessly if they merely go for it. “Endure” showcases potential albeit with fair faults that new bands typically have happen, but that’s no reason to think that Earthbound can’t create something truly interesting. But until then, I’ll patiently wait here for you can’t rush excellence.

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