Clouds Taste Satanic – The Glitter of Infinite Hell

 Doom metal has always been a long and tremendous ride for me as I do my best to interpret the heavy records with every passing album that takes me through harsh worlds and landscapes made through ridiculous improvising by talented artists. Instrumentalism is a hard enough task to accomplish, but putting that on top of being a spectacular doom metal band with psychedelic elements it’s a lot to take in. Yet that’s such a challenge that New York’s Clouds Taste Satanic has been excelling at for years, and this magnum opus is the epitome of this band that must be widespread across the entire world!

In order to nail psychedelia, you can’t just rely on studio magic in order to allow your music to take listeners to new dimensions shrouded in mist and blood. That shit won’t fly on the stage live in front of people. So that’s why bands like Clouds Taste Satanic are the reason why I love doom because it proves that kind of shit can be done, and in stupendous fashion no less! What we’re given with the brand new record of “The Glitter of Infinite Hell” is something that you truly have to experience to believe. These four tracks that expand over a staggering 73-fucking-minutes to deliver to us what will easily stand right beside acts like Bell Witch’s “Mirror Reaper” as one of the finest pieces of doom. Period. Clouds Taste Satanic may have a lame name to some, but the music doesn’t lie. “The Glitter of Infinite Hell” shows us a very bleak and unforgiving realm detailed by blood and death but also one that is peppered with vibrant colors and mystical fumes coming forth from the porous earth. It’s a landscape that is constantly shifting and one that can easily become welcoming as it can become menacing to unbelievable proportions. Clouds Taste Like Satanic is the pipedream of any doom metal fan and a titanic force that has true mastery over the craft and it’s all shown with “The Glitter of Infinite Hell” from the hypnotic riffs to zesty psychedelia to the crushing heaviness. That’s a very volatile potion that can be overdosed easily, but Clouds Taste Satanic take a swig at the perfect moments to ensure an experience that’s no less than fucking immaculate!

This find is one that cannot go unnoticed and one that must allow Clouds Taste Satanic to enter the modern doom metal halls as a modern great because these guys have nailed a style that extremely few dare to even fathom attempting, but this instance leads to absolute perfection. “The Glitter of Infinite Hell” is a record that must be heard by anyone who dares call themselves a fan of doom metal fans because it is essential in today’s day and age, and merely listening to the mammoth 18-minute opener will be enough to convince you of such.

LISTEN to “The Glitter of Infinite Hell” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Clouds Taste Satanic on Facebook here.

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