Nightgrave – Echo

 To create music is to create a world of your own personality where everything breathes and exists exactly the way you want it to. It’s understandably very difficult to create such a vivid image and then bring it to life with music. Not all of us can be gifted with such a talent, unfortunately. Luckily, the planet is peppered with such brilliant minds that do a great job at bringing all sorts of realms to our minds, and Nightgrave’s latest helping of excellence is another great addition.

The wide expanse of reality, in all of its many planes, that the style of ambiance keeps its stories is a place where pretty much anything goes. Many bands and musicians have tackled ambiance with bold fashion, yet many fail. With Nightgrave, this band doesn’t just go solely for ambiance but instead brings to the table an ethereal take on black metal with even a little bit of doom spicing up the mix a little bit for stronger effect. That sounds like quite a volatile concoction that can easily go wrong, but the brilliance that is “Echo” does nothing but draw you into its mists with every passing beat. There’s a subtle charm that Nightgrave brings to the table for these seven tracks as there’s no set direction in which “Echo” goes in because each track is never the same as the last. Be it a mixture of ambiance and black metal, black metal and doom, doom and ambiance, or any of the three standing their ground by themselves Nightgrave really pleases the sense as we’re granted an experience that’s not only intense at the right times but also calm for the perfect moments of retrospective. It all flows together like mist over the mountain to allow “Echo” to truly become a seamless album that takes you through so many of the sense that these three distinct styles bring to the table, and Nightgrave is able to dissect all of them to bring forth a sound that’s not only intriguing but also very pleasing. Incredibly few bands can do that with such precision but Nightgrave has done it splendidly.

It’s needless to say that ambiance and black metal go together extremely well especially after years of so many different artists creating wonderful interpretations that are all but tantalizing. Yet there’s plenty of talent to be heard! Nightgrave is a perfect example and “Echo” couldn’t be a better display of taste and expertise! This album proves this guy knows exactly what the fuck he’s doing, and the already brimming scene has garnered yet another talented act.

LISTEN to “Echo” on Bandcamp here.

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5 thoughts on “Nightgrave – Echo

  1. Hello! I’ve never listened to this artist before, but I love how you wrote your review. With my reviews I go with a “song by song” format, but this was very effective!

    1. Thanks so much! I try to do my reviews as more of a summary without giving too much of the album away to anyone who wants to listen. I try to provide a general image if you will so that if someone does decide to investigate the album in question they can still have their own mental image form without my words getting in the way. And there are many bands like Nightgrave out there so it’s no surprise you haven’t heard of this one. The real joy comes in finding something truly wonderful, and “Echo” is a great example of that!

      1. Awesome! I’m glad to hear that! Hopefully future or past reviews of mine will do the same thing for you. Plenty of awesome stuff out that needs to be heard even though I sadly can’t hear it all.

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