Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black

 There’s no band more prolific or legendary than Cannibal Corpse. They’ve been pummeling our faces and destroying everything in sight, raising the dead, murdering all there is, and committing atrocious acts of sodomy with their music for almost thirty fucking years at this point. One might expect them to slow down as the members get older and such, but Cannibal Corpse isn’t anywhere near stopping for even a fucking second and their upcoming piece of pure murder is another glorious addition to a legendary and vicious discography.

Many people, myself included, have a massive problem of judging an album based on its cover art and then allowing it to get to them, and when the cover for Cannibal Corpse’s upcoming “Red Before Black”, so many felt the record was going to be underwhelming because this is arguably the tamest cover the band’s ever had. I did my best to swallow my opinions of the cover (even after it has grown on me) and to really see what Cannibal Corpse has dug up for their fourteen full-length album. In what is the shortest Cannibal Corpse album to date, saying “Red Before Black” is underwhelming or even “the same as the last four albums” is a crime upon what this band has created. The twelve tracks that make up “Red Before Black” can easily be considered the rawest material in over a decade while still bringing that vicious heaviness and go-for-the-throat attitude that they’ve become legendary over. We’re given a very fast record that doesn’t take any downtime, doesn’t allow the dead to rest, doesn’t stop the blood from flowing, and never once thinks to skimp on brutality by any measure. “Red Before Black” is a very well-rounded album as there’s plenty of riffs thrown together that don’t always take the spotlight, a rawer feel that shows this band can still pull it off, and, of course, an infallible sense of musicianship that can’t be exaggerated. Simply, nothing less than the standard that Cannibal Corpse has set for themselves in their career, and it’s not to change anytime soon.

While there are albums that definitely top this one given that there are a whole thirteen predecessors, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Cannibal Corpse has done it once again in the fucking stupendous fashion that they’ve always been known for. “Red Before Black” is the kind of record that requires more than one listen if you want to really get a feel for it, but it’s infectious in that the more you hear it, the more it clings to your soul and before you know it you’ll be banging your head to tantalizing tracks like “Scavenger Consuming Death” and “Heads Shovelled Off”.

“Red Before Black” releases on November 3rd via Metal Blade Records!

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