Come Back From the Dead – Caro Data Vermibus

 There’s a special charm in the Spanish metal scene that I just can’t place my finger on, and it’s the sort of thing that continuously keeps me coming back. It’s one of those regions of the underground that’s always sprawling with talent that’s ripe for discovery, and today greeted me with quite the prize. The Spanish have always been quite tasteful with their death metal, and the group of Come Back From the Dead is no different with their viciously nasty upcoming EP.

If you couldn’t tell straight from that impeccable cover art, this EP doesn’t know the meaning of fucking around when it comes to true death metal that’s not only dripping with blood and guts but also delivers in just about every sense that a death metal record can. “Caro Data Vermibus” is an absolute rager that has no filler tracks whatsoever so what we’re given here is a very enjoyable 16+ minute slab of intensity that is an absolute meat grinder from start to finish without issue. Everything comes together magnificently well and Come Back From the Dead churns out this bloody deliciousness more efficiently than a fucking slaughterhouse. The vocals are vicious aren’t as deep as one might expect from this style but they’re still pulled off with expert precision alongside maniacal double guitars that are paired with devilish bass backed by a gory set of drums that don’t know how to quit. As if that wasn’t enough, “Caro Data Vermibus” feels like everything a modern Cannibal Corpse album should be if you cranked everything up by ten million, and it sounds great even without such a comparison! Come Back From the Dead channels plenty from that classic Finnish death metal greatness and merge it with that truly tasty Spanish death flavor to bring us a very fashionable EP that has a terrible power that can’t be denied in how fucking astonishing it is to listen to!

Not many think of Spain when they think of death metal, but it’s bands like this that are slowly changing that to allow the talent from hose borders truly shine in the spotlight of the underground like they so rightfully deserve. Come Back From the Dead is a great act that already has loads of talent to go around, and given another shot at a full-length album I’m positive that these guys will blow it right out of the water even more than they did with the masterful chaos that is “Caro Data Vermibus”.

“Caro Data Vermibus” releases on November 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Caro Data Vermibus” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Come Back From the Dead on Facebook here.

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