Circle of Salt – Suffer the Cold

 I’ve never really been big into re-releases or reissues of any kind other than simply because it helps new people discover old material that has both entertainment and enough flavor to still be relevant after the piece in question had already been released. All of that goes double when it comes to underground bands, and thanks to a very renowned underground label we’re given a glimpse of a piece that should’ve clearly gotten more praise upon its initial release, and it’s not hard to see why.

Circle of Salt’s debut full-length filled with plenty of ice, mysticism, and metal didn’t exactly make a big splash upon its release in 2015, and due to the sheer volume of other releases that we see every single day in the metal underground this album merely got buried amongst everything else with only a small number of people experiencing it. Thanks to the efforts of Avantgarde Music, “Suffer the Cold” is once again getting its chance at fame, and I feel like this is just the thing that this album needed to get its due attention! The two tracks that we are given with this effort stretch to almost 20 minutes a piece to make “Suffer the Cold” clock in almost forty whole minutes total, and it’s an incredibly engaging experience! Both of these songs showcase the awesome capability that Circle of Salt clearly has heaps of talent to last for years upon years, and just one of these tracks are enough to satisfy anyone looking for something special. “Suffer the Cold” is a beautiful mixture of atmospheric black and doom metal to form something that’s both monolithic and enrapturing at the same time every moment of the way. Few bands can accomplish such with two tracks, but Circle of Salt does it flawlessly, and it makes me only want to experience this epic slab of doomy black metal even more!

While there’s always room for improvement, it’s hard to call “Suffer the Cold” weak on any of its fronts. The piece covers all of its ground with utmost style and precision to really showcase all the strengths and awesomeness that Circle of Salt managed to bring together for a very flavorful debut of titanic proportions. If “Suffer the Cold” is even an inkling to what we’ll get from this talented group in the future, then I can’t fucking wait to hear what’s in store!

LISTEN to “Suffer the Cold” on Bandcamp here!


2 thoughts on “Circle of Salt – Suffer the Cold

  1. Hey dude! Actually ‘Suffer The Cold’ is the name of the album -and CIRCLE OF SALT, the band. I’m pretty stoked it’s arriving on vinyl as I think it’s an amazing album! Thanks for reviewing!

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