The Wakedead Gathering / Ecferus – s/t

 The very dark world of black and death metal is a realm that’s incredibly hostile, as you might imagine, and it’s extremely oversaturated in today’s day and age. It can become a land of horrors very easily, and the genre is peppered with very exceptional bands that do a phenomenal job at bringing the style to life. Two bands that are far too unknown are some of my favorites, The Wakedead Gathering and Ecferus, have always done a wondrous job, and now they’ve joined forces in an evil alliance to make an even more sinister split of monstrous proportions.

These two have made plenty of splashes in the underground scene with The Wakedead Gathering putting out three very notable logs of death and decay over the past seven years, and Ecferus has been far from silent as the band has released quite a number of releases including a full-length, some splits, and an EP is the course of fewer than two years! Such forces can’t be denied, and these two one-man bands have always been something to keep your eye on, and as if to answer such a call these two men of darkness came together to form up a split that’s equal parts horrific and hypnotic. There are but four tracks to their self-titled split of nightmares, but both of these fantastic bands share almost equal group as The Wakedead Gathering claims the opening track as his own in the form of an 11+ minute expedition of terror, and Ecferus tackles the remaining three tracks with a much more methodical approach while still being as intense and dreadfully dark as one could desire. The Wakedead Gathering really goes for the throat to give us a tantalizing experience that’s far from one-dimensional as this single track has several layers, several turns, and several hooks that really draw you into the thick, moss-laden bog that the mastermind conjures up within. And once the opener ends, in the bog we’re met with the malevolent creations of Ecferus that a pure chaos at their core, but they consist of riffs, subtle melodies, and a brilliant sense of intensity that goes hand in hand with the songs’ pacing amazingly well. And it all comes together to form this menacing album that stretches over the course of 24 minutes to result in what’s easily one of the best splits that I’ve heard all fucking year, and there have been tons that have blessed our ears but these two evil masterminds take it to new, grotesque heights.

Both of these bands are far from forgettable in the grand scheme of the vast underground that metal has to offer, yet they get buried amongst so many other groups purely due to the sheer volume of them, and that;’s a damn shame. These fantastic masterminds inhabit the same style, yet they’re on different ends of the void and such a combination like this is a rare one, indeed. That makes this terrifying split all the more delicious to taste, and anyone who’s brave enough to endure this adventure will find themselves wanting more for this a concoction that’s not only potent but extremely intoxicating.

“The Wakedead Gathering/Ecferus” releases on November 3rd via I, Voidhanger Records!

LIKE The Wakedead Gathering on Facebook here.

LIKE Ecferus on Facebook here.


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