Seer – Vol. 5

 There’s a strange allure for people like me when it comes to doom metal, and it’s as simple as we enjoy longer songs. I don’t mean five or six minutes, I mean longer than ten. It’s not an easy thing to do correctly like all metal, but we still get tons of different acts coming out of the woodwork to try their hand at it. In the case of Seer, this band isn’t a stranger of doom by any means whatsoever, and it’s that experience that really makes their newest record quite the treat.

Immediately after seeing such a dark cover art that lacks all sorts of hope, I had a feeling that the things I’ve heard about Seer were true. After going through the darkened sludge that is the fifth effort from these Canadians, it’s no hard task to say that Seer’s “Vol. 5” isn’t only a scrumptious and sinister piece of doom, but it’s also incredibly entertaining. While this EP is bookended by two tracks that serve as the intro and outro where with the first being a slow build-up whilst the outro is a cliff-hanger of pure darkness that really knows how to get underneath your skin like a parasite. The two songs in between are where the real meat is, and it’s an extremely tasty morsel! Seer brings to the table multiple vocalists together to make both of the tracks have their own texture, atmosphere, and personality to where the songs feel like they could be on completely different albums, yet they work phenomenally well together when played back to back. They have such a menacing feel to them while at the same time still being able to draw you into their intimidating realm slowly, and it’s a very enticing trip. Doom has always had a special quality to it, and Seer really managed to draw all of that out with “Vol. 5” better than so many other bands of the style.

All throughout this year, I’ve heard whispers of this band. I didn’t seek them out due to pure laziness, but today I had a craving for some tasty doom and I felt it was time to investigate. Thankfully, Seer is every bit of a success that I’ve heard about! With “Vol. 5” being a testament to the talent behind this group, Seer has the potential to take this scene by storm. We just need to wait for them to unlock that potential, and what a gloriously dark day that will be.

LISTEN to “Vol. 5” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Seer on Facebook here.


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