Cauldron – Regnum-Phobos

 Throughout the various generations that have been touched by the darkness of black metal, an innumerable amount of people have tried to recapture the original feel of black metal. I’ve only ever come across a handful of bands who nailed the style amongst hundreds of others, and Cauldron is one of the bands that tried their hand at the classic sound. Despite missing the mark by a small distance, Cauldron’s comeback is by no means anything to scoff at whatsoever.

Being originally formed all the way back in 1993, Cauldron was likely there as one of the first black metal bands that came from Spain if I had to guess. However, after the problems of life and various events happened, the band broke up after putting out their debut album, but after reuniting back in 2012 Cauldron has finally returned with some new material: “Regnum-Phobos”. Now, I had figured that Cauldron was going to try and implement more modern elements of black metal into “Regnum-Phobos”, but what we get with this record is probably much better than that route. Instead, Cauldron goes for a more classic approach with this album, and they practically fucking nailed it! Sure, a few discrepancies here and there but that does nothing to dampen the rich quality of these nine tracks. “Regnum-Phobos” contains loads of icy riffs, fiery vocals, incredibly sharp rhythms, and a sinister overtone that just brings everything together so tastefully well that even if you don’t have an affinity for the darker side of metal, there’s no denying the hooks that Cauldron lays in your flesh to reel you in. The whole album does a terrific job at managing to emulate the classic style of black metal, yet no song from “Regnum-Phobos” sounds the same, and there’s where you can feel the experience of the band members come into play. This doesn’t sound like yet another amateur piece from another group hoping to make a ripple in the scene, but a calculated assault on the senses pulled off with expertise and precision that can’t be denied.

It’s a damn shame that there aren’t many bands like Cauldron anymore – the kind that can actually recreate the old style and fill it with passion and effort as opposed to just trying out a lazy riff then seeing if people like it. Cauldron is simply here to spread the black flame of Hell, and “Regnum-Phobos” is a perfect vessel to do just that as many will corral around the blaze and begin to chant in response. Amazingly few bands can create such a feeling, yet Cauldron seems to do it ridiculously easy.

LISTEN to “Regnum-Phobos” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cauldron on Facebook here.


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