Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence

 In recent years, thrash has taken not that much of a turn where (to my knowledge) there’s no newer bands that quickly grew into the limelight, and while I’m no stranger to trawling the underground for good acts, my searches proved mostly pointless. Mostly. A few years ago, I came across Evil Invaders and ever since then they’ve been the best group of pure thrash come right from the underground, and it’s been quite the blast so far. With their brand new effort, my expectations were high and once again they’ve succeeded gloriously!

Apart from their vicious imagery that is, as always, fucking impeccable, the sound that Evil Invaders has been churning out for years now is a basic formula for thrash while still incorporating a few old school elements that please any sort of fan of classic thrash. Nothing special when I say it like that, naturally, but with “Feed Me Violence”, Evil Invaders proves yet again that they have a special palette that shows they don’t need to be all fancy or innovational in order to sound good. Too many thrash bands fall into the trap of sounding too much like Slayer to where it’s a blatant rip-off of the highest degree. Evil Invaders is far above something like that, however, as for the second full-length in a row they’ve delivered a scandalous, raunchy, blood-soaked, and face melting thrash piece that can only be played at the highest of volumes because it deserves no less! The nine tracks of “Feed Me Violence” are undeniably vicious as their brand of thrash blazes across your face is blistering speed, crazy levels of enjoyment, and a power that can’t be fucking denied as not only are we treated to nasty riffs from the most haunting of realms, we also get a harmony of so many different elements that Evil Invaders brings together so tantalizingly well that it’s impossible to not zoom in on the splendor that is “Feed Me Violence”.

By no means at all do I consider thrash lesser than any other styles of metal, but rarely does a band like this cross my path out of that area. Evil Invaders continues down their warpath of successful and tasteful thrash that’s coated in the blood of those who dare oppose them, and the end of the road is nowhere in sight! “Feed Me Violence” is proof that this Belgian group is by no means a one-hit wonder, but is instead a fearsome machine that can’t be stopped for even the end of the fucking world if it means bringing the word of thrash to every mass that yet breathes!

LISTEN to tracks from “Feed Me Violence” on Bandcamp here.

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