Kauan – Kaiho

 Every year there are a select few releases that are put out that transcend everything we know about music and take us completely by surprise. For years, Kauan has been one of those bands and after their grand opus that was “Sorni Nai”, me and tens of thousands of other people we eagerly awaited to see what else this other-worldly band could conjure up. What has come forth is the sort of album that is very difficult for me to put into words, and it’s something you truly have to immerse yourself into in orderly to truly experience it.

With Kauan, one of my favorite things about them has been their versatility as a band. Not only have they implemented metal as well as rock in their past efforts, but they’ve managed to transcend the two styles to create something so much more than provides a surreal introspective the likes of which I’ve never seen in any other band of any kind. That set them apart, and it propels them far ahead of any potential competition. “Kaiho” had captured my imagination from the instant the first song went live as it took a much different approach than what Kauan has done (which is fair because no two Kauan records are the same) as it felt more digital as well as not being quite as intense as previous efforts, and that continues throughout the whole of “Kaiho”. Where previous albums had harsh vocals and moments that were undoubtedly metal, Kauan ditches that entirely for “Kaiho” to instead pull us into a state of euphoria with the usual menagerie of outlandish instruments to bring a truly unique feel that comes in carefully crafted waves.

And one of the best things about “Kaiho” is how it’s one of those pieces that the more you listen to it the more you get out of it. Each song progression provides a tasty new sliver of deliciousness, each completion of the album brings you closer to what Kauan is striving for, and every moment from there on out only brings you deeper into this light-filled world of calm rhythms and a constantly evolving sound that truly knows no bounds by any means. The vocals, smooth and entrancing as always, make their return very stylishly, yet they kind of take the back seat for “Kaiho” as Kauan instead allows the music to really do the talking through all fifty minutes whilst after the vocals are a sort of guiding hand through to beautiful maze of splendor that is “Kaiho” from beginning to end. And everything couldn’t come together anymore fucking smoother if they tried! All of “Kaiho” comes together so fucking well that its status as a masterpiece is all but cemented as its content, its smoothness, its progressiveness, its sheer craftsmanship, and its sheer brilliance is a fucking treat from start to finish! After ten or fifteen spins of a record, it starts to wear on me, but not “Kaiho”. The album is endlessly entertaining and the massive amount of enjoyment that can be put into this record in so many different forms is ridiculous and will never cease to amaze me. I had immense expectations for this record the second I heard about it, and Kauan pulled it off in a way that I never saw coming and I couldn’t be any more ecstatic at the results.

This is, without doubt, a record that will become one of the favorite releases of many people, and that includes me as this effort is truly something special and no one can say otherwise. Mark my words, Kauan has already become legendary amongst the underground, and this marvel only furthers such a legacy. “Kaiho” is one of the most magical, majestic, transcendent, and engaging albums we’ll get this entire year easily, and I cannot help but extremely such this piece to anyone looking to experience a truly one of a kind record.

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