Vhäldemar – Against All Kings

 For many of us, we listen to metal because it’s larger than life and can pump us up quicker than any fucking energy drink on the planet! I’ve always been on the search for the next surge of fucking badassery in the form of metal, and today I’ve stumbled across something truly stupendous. Opposed to being straight heavy metal, Spain’s Vhäldemar boasts a powerful concoction of power metal, but the categorization matters not as all you need to know is that this band kicks all the ass, and the music speaks for itself!

Nothing says fucking awesome more than an incredibly heavy piece of metal that instantly puts hairs on your chest and makes even the tiniest of boys men in the blink of an eye; that’s precisely what Vhäldemar does with their fifth opus of legends and badassery. While the upcoming slab of mastery over metal known as “Against All Kings” has ridiculous levels of flash that can’t be ignored, there’s loads of actual meat to this album to not make it material that looks pleasing but is, in reality, garbage. Thus, Vhäldemar grant us an audacious eleven tracks of pure badassery that range from harmonic hymns of the gods themselves to battle cries that echo through the ages to even an instrumental closer that’s both incredibly satisfying and beautiful at the same time. “Against All Kings” is the clear culmination of all that Vhäldemar has achieved up to this point manifest into one record, and that’s something I can easily tell even though I’ve never once before heard of this Spanish band. Their worship to metal is all but undeniable, their talent is like an inferno to most others who dare try their hand at the style, and their uncomprehensible badassery can only be matched by the likes of legends like Manowar. Melody permeates every drop of “Against All Kings” to where you can head bang to the entire record no issue and be so pumped as to keep replaying the album over and over again because it’s so fucking infectiously badass to where you never want it to end! Few bands can allow such a fire to burn in your stomach that’s stronger than the sun itself, yet Vhäldemar accomplishes it perfectly with their fifth outing for a record whose power can’t be denied and a level of understanding for the style that many bands can only dream of!

Power metal is one that requires something very simple: power! Many forget to incorporate that into their sound and thus sound weak with no sort of structure to keep their music going, but Vhäldemar has mastered the art of putting power, badassery, and the most metal ideals put into a single record that’s overflowing with entertainment value to where it’s simply impossible to resist. “Against All Kings” is quite possibly the epitome of a record like this that will be put out this year, and any person who dares call themselves a fan of heavy or power metal should really hear this record if they want to know what band they need to know about right now, and whom to hail as one of the upcoming kings of heavy metal!

“Against All Kings” releases on November 7th via Fighter Records!

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