Moonscape – Entity

 For the longest time ever since I’ve really gotten into investigating the world of metal music, the idea of a band coming together and creating songs longer than twenty minutes is absolutely astounding to me. It shows off so many different levels of musicianship and talent in ways that a simple three-minute single can’t convey, and it gives the listener much more insight as to what the band members are capable of. The newest example of such that I have comes in the form of Moonscape, and the word “pristine” isn’t good enough for this piece.

Looking at this record’s track listing it clearly has nine tracks, but they’re simply chunks taken out of a greater experience that sums up to a 40-minute experience. If that sounds jaw-dropping then that’s incredibly appropriate! It could sound like an absolute bore-fest, but think of the likes of Dopesmoker’s “Sleep”, Kauan’s “Sorni Nai”, and even Inter Arma’s “The Cavern” and see that incredibly drawn out songs can absolutely be done to great effect, and to say Moonscape accomplishes such a feat with “Entity” is obvious. Taking pages from the styles of doom metal, melodic death, and even progressive metal, Moonscape does a terrific job at providing an experience that doesn’t get stale for even one minute as literally every minute has a different texture, a new flavor added to it, and refuses to stay on in place for long yet doesn’t forget to allow the individual pieces flow together like water to make “Entity” not only grand but fluid. Moonscape grants us a magnificent display brought forth by your conventional metal instruments as well as a piano, acoustic guitar, keys, and even a fucking saxophone to bring all sort of extra flavors into this already explosive melting pot, and it all works out wondrously! Extremely few bands have the balls to try and go for something like this, yet without a hitch, it’s pulled off, and there’s nothing that can be done to make it any better than what it already is! “Entity” is an experience like few others, and it’s no challenge as to why.

I’m an incredible fan yet a harsh critic of single-track albums such as this. It’s the kind of shit that I really look forward to, and I couldn’t be any more ecstatic that Moonscape was able to pull this off! Even after several listens, the grandeur still resides within “Entity” and the enjoyment that’s there is all but palpable. Moonscape fucking nailed this record to say the very least, and it’s the sort of thing that I can certainly see myself coming back to like an addict, and I suggest you get into the very same habit.

“Entity” releases on October 2nd!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Entity” on Bandcamp here.

PRE-ORDER “Entity” via iTunes here.

LIKE Moonscape on Facebook here.


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