Exogenesis – Procreation

 Never being one to really consider myself a fan of deathcore, I tend not to go out of my way to listen to it very often but I do make an effort to visit it every so often just to get a new breath of fresh air. I’ve had great success by doing so with the likes of Sanzu being no less than an absolute treasure trove of excellence, so revisiting isn’t that hard of a task for me to go through with. And it leads me to new and fresh bands ready to take their sound to the world. Bands like Exogenesis are what makes the genre interesting to someone like me.

Granted, Exogenesis doesn’t really bring anything new to the table with their music that really makes them stand out amongst the rest of deathcore that I’ve come across, yet they’re not totally generic as they still do well at their sound that’s classic deathcore, but it’s got just enough creative influence and individuality that I can’t call this a boring as fuck copy-and-paste record. The whole of the upcoming album from Exogenesis, “Procreation”, isn’t what I’d call a great record by any means, but it’s far from boring in my eyes as everything comes together quite nicely to give us a nice experience that deathcore has been known to provide. All seven tracks are peppered with tasteful breakdowns, hook filled gang vocals and an overwhelming sense of brutality that’s all but quality of the world of deathcore. “Procreation” presents all these classic tropes in an amazingly delicious fashion to where everything feels just fresh enough and has just enough personality to where you can tell that Exogenesis aren’t just copying Suicide Silence or trying to be the next Sepultura or whatever band that may have influenced them. Instead, they play a style they’ve become used to over years and years of listening and then managed to make a solid album out of it. Not many can say that did that, but Exogenesis definitely can with the final product that is “Procreation”. That being said, there’s clear room for improvement and work to be done should this band want to find a larger audience and thus success.

No journey can start out without bumps in the road here and there, and Exogenesis definitely has their fair share even though there’s less than what many would expect so early in a band’s life. These Australians should be well proud of such an aggressive album that delivers from start to finish, and any fan of deathcore should be able to see the fruit’s of their labors without even thinking about it. “Procreation” shows definite talent and the potential for greatness. It just has to be properly tapped into and excavated to truly benefit from.

LISTEN to “Procreation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Exogenesis on Facebook here.


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