Manhack – Welcoming Judgement

 Each and every one of us has a select group of bands that hardly anyone else has heard of that we love to keep tabs on and always investigate whenever something new comes out. Be it some black metal band out of Spain or an Iranian death metal group, we’ve all got something. One of mine is the death metal group out of Atlanta known as Manhack who has consistently delivered for me for the last three years, and with their newest EP, I can happily say that they’ve only got better, exponentially so!

While having yet even one full-length album throughout the band’s inception, Manhack has steadily gone up with the overall quality of their music since the very beginning and it’s very noticeable! They went from a technical sound to one that’s much more brutal yet still retains a technical feel while also managing to slide in some “-core” elements that revolve around a core of death metal that’s quite the melting pot of elements that comes together really nicely. I don’t have to tell you how many groups fail at trying such a feat, yet with “Welcoming Judgement” Manhack hits the nail right on the head! Even though it’s only got five tracks to call its own and a fairly short run time, “Welcoming Judgement” is still a hard-hitting slab of metal that comes at you from right around the corner to punch you right in the fucking jaw at full power. Straight from the beginning, Manhack displays a terrific grasp on the idea of riffage as the tantalizing rhythms immediately pull you into the intensity with the vocals soon coming into the mix to grind your bones to dust, only to have your ashes reassembled by the magnificent musicianship that goes on within the contents of this EP. I can see many considered this a “one and done” kind of piece in that you play it once and all its power/intrigue/etc. goes away, and that’s all kinds of false! The enjoyment persists well after the first listen, and I easily say that this is the best material that Manhack has pumped out and it’s incredibly evident!

At one point I want Manhack to do well and grow to become more successful, but at the same time I’m very content with them remaining small because that makes them yet another relatively unheard of gem from the underground that’s an absolute pleasure if you’re lucky enough to stumble across them. “Welcoming Judgement” does nothing but bring to light the talent and awesomeness that I’ve always seen within Manhack, but previously it hadn’t shown its face. Should there have been any doubt about the power that is the Atlanta force that is Manhack, let it become dispelled with the bloody testament that is “Welcoming Judgement”!

“Welcoming Judgement” releases on September 19th!

LISTEN to an advanced track, “High and Tight”, via YouTube here or below.

LISTEN to previous Manhack material on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Manhack on Facebook here.


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