Ruby the Hatchet – Planetary Space Child

 There’s an absolute bounty of bands out there that have mastered the craft of psychedelic rock by taking the style to places that you can only travel to via the style itself, and that’s helped me grow as a music lover in so many different ways. But there has always been a select few that stand tall amongst the rest who takes things to the next level and give us experiences we’re unlikely to get elsewhere. Ruby the Hatchet is without a doubt one of those bands, and should you need proof all you need to do is listen to their latest offering and see what you’re missing out on.

From the immaculate cover art, you can instantly tell that Ruby the Hatchet has returned once again with a vengeance and the desire to supply us with only the most grandiose of psychedelic rock the universe has to offer, and “Planetary Space Child” doesn’t disappoint one bit. It’s the sort of album that doesn’t have a single strength nor any weaknesses in sight, and it’s not very often that I can honestly say that. Yet even after listening to “Planetary Space Child” all the way through multiple times I still can’t find single stumble or fault in the pristine work that Ruby the Hatchet has created here, and if nothing else it shows the true genius of this New Jersey band that has been all but evident throughout the years. There’s excitement that pours through every moment of these seven tracks as “Planetary Space Child” has a sound the encapsulates the very cosmos itself to form an experience that’s no less than awe-inspiring and unique without question. The harmonic vocals tie everything together amazingly well to form an album that’s practically flawless from start to finish and is the kind of thing that if you simply allow yourself to open up to it then you’ll be met with a world of wonder carved by tasty riffs and a realm forged from beautiful musicianship. That’s truly something rare and is something that only a band like Ruby the Hatchet can create.

If you miss out on something like this simply because you’re not into the style or feel like it’s not for you then truly I feel sorry for you. I cannot stress enough how incredibly rare records like “Planetary Space Child” are because they’re so much more than records as they’re experiences at the very least. It’s the sort of thing I can’t get enough of and Ruby the Hatchet couldn’t be any better of a guide to take you through such a trippy world of wonder and mystique.

LISTEN to “Planetary Space Child” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Ruby the Hatchet on Twitter: @rubythehatchet


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