Usnea – Portals into Futility

 As one of the newer bands to come out of the murky realm of doom metal, Usnea has already proven themselves to be more than capable of providing quality metal that plenty can enjoy. Yet much like every band that still has much to be done, Usnea has pressed on and thus created their upcoming slab of heaviness that is “Portals into Futility”. To say that this record is worthy of Usnea’s reputation up to now is obvious, but it’s so much more than that.

The awesome thing that I really enjoy about Usnea is how they’re able to take funeral doom and wrap it with a thin shell of black metal to really allow their sound to become incredibly intense and reach a new level of heaviness that not many can execute like Usnea can. With their upcoming record of “Portals into Futility”, we get what you’d likely expect from Usnea: crushing doom brought in the form of long, drawn out epic tracks that shift brilliantly to a calmer piece that pulls you into another dimension entirely. Yet, everything just feels so much more cohesive than any other piece that Usnea has put out before. All five tracks of “Portals into Futility” seem to take a darker turn from what we’re used to, and it all flows ridiculously well as we move from one edge of darkness to another. It’s carried by fucking brutal instrumentation and scorching vocals that weave an undeniably capturing experience that only funeral doom can create, and you’d be hard pressed to find another album of the genre more detailed or intrinsic as “Portals into Futility”. Usnea has truly outdone themselves with this record, and it’s more than worthy of their already epic catalog of records, and that’s just not me trying to pimp this record for whatever reason. This whole album has the sound and flavor of Usnea, but the band just seems to have taken a massive upgrade in terms of quality and musicianship to really take their music over the top to make something that can only be described as special.

I love coming back to bands I’ve listened to before, and seeing how they change from record to record. Sometimes it’s negative, other’s positive, but Usnea has done with how I felt like previous efforts from the likes of Inter Arma: they’ve only gone up in a million ways. “Portals into Futiltiy” is irrefutable proof that Usnea is destined for greatness, and this record is but the first chapter in a streak that I’m sure is to continue in the future.

“Portals into Futility” releases on September 8th via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Portals into Futility” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Portals into Futility” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Usnea on Facebook here.


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